• Holy Batman- this oil is AMAZING! I have terrible skin due to some health issues and for ages I couldn't find a product to treat my horrible cystic acne that was also gentle enough to not cause rashes or hives(which happens a lot). I mean I've struggled for months and months, trying to balance both issues and meet all my skins impossible needs. This oil is so gentle but also totally decimates my hormonal acne. I've got (yet another) meeting with my derm tomorrow and I think he's going be really impressed with my progress- this stuff is WAY better for my acne than anything he's prescribed. Thank you Mikaela!!!!


  • I really like this cleanser! I have a lot of skin issues (like rosacea) and my skin seems to react to everything, but I have been using this for about a week with no problems. The clay helps my skin feel really clean. Very impressed!


  • I've noticed that it has tamed the small acne around the edges of my jaw and and has helped the scarring of old acne, and greatly tames the large acne I get with hormones, but diminishes the minuscule acne overnight.All I can say is, ditch the drugstore face washes and switch to Shakespeare's Bathtub! You'll be SO pleased!

    Jade Schumacher

  • Love this facial oil. I was hesitant to put an oil on my face thinking it would be "greasy" but I absolutely love it. I use it before bed and find it absorbs very quickly and my face feels fresh and moisturized in the morning. I asked Shakespeare's bathtub to customized the scent and they did it for me. I love the lavender essential oil scent at bedtime. I've tried a number of Shakespeare's bathtub products and this one is my favourite.


  • Just received my customized lotion today and couldn't be happier! A little bit goes a long way! My skin feels so fresh (not at all greasy - the lotion just absorbs right in), and this is coming from someone whose skin in the winter is like bark on a tree! The scent and personalization is so fun (I chose Rose, and it literally smells like a bouquet of roses, not the fake rose smell)! And it has feel-good vibes because it's all-natural!! Thanks so much Shakespeare's Bathtub :)


  • I love this product! I was surprised how deep cleaning this face wash was. Even with the clay basis, this cleanser still foams for an easy lather. It removes all traces of makeup. I love the way my face feels after using the But Soft! Clay Wash. It leaves no residue after washing.


  • You were certainly adhering to "truth in advertising" as all I needed was just a wee bit of the bath oil. Normally I put more than it suggests, but I wanted to do things 'properly' for a 'proper' review. Oh, my how do I count the ways? It is very potent and, by that I mean, a very little does lots. But, just that wee bit was more than enough, and I exited said bath rather luxuriously soft for someone of my age and work, and general neglect of my personal care. That tiny bit left my usually dry, sad skin on my legs and arms, lovely and soft. 


  • If you have oily hair, this shampoo is a godsend. I've yet to come across a shampoo (both natural or not) that actually handles my oily hair problems effectively; most claim to, but this is the only shampoo and conditioner that have been effective in reducing my oily tresses! Love it!

    Jacklyn B.

  • Never stop making this it looks so beautiful as a cream blush! It makes you glow.

    Jessica B.

  • This is AMAZING! I love the tint and applicator. Very well thought out product. Beautiful Beautiful color!

    Crystalee W.

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