How this Blog Works

February 07, 2016

How this Blog Works

Welcome to the official Shakespeare's Bathtub blog!  We're excited to offer a variety of different content through this blog, including:

  • The Newsbits Series
    True to their name, these blogs are, well, bits of news.  From academic institutions to international research journals, every so often we stumble upon a piece of science that piques our interest.  We then write up our own easy-to-read version with applicable background information and publish it, with references, as a Newsbit.  Through this, it's our hope to share the love of science, the very love which impassioned the founding of our business in the first place.
  • The Ingredient Spotlight
    With these blogs we introduce and explore different ingredients, either safe ones that we love and use here in our own products, or unsafe ones we avoid.  With information ranging from hard scientific facts to quaint folklore, we'll write up just why we do or do not adore these ingredients.
  • The Product Spotlight
    We might have a special how-to-use trick, we might desperately want to share one of our new inventions, or there might be any number of other reasons we want to shine the spotlight on one of our products.  These blogs will be the place for that.
  • and more to come!

Best wishes for happiness and health,

Owner, Shakespeare's Bathtub

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