The Paint Pot Routine

February 10, 2016

The Paint Pot Routine


Our Paint Pots are a Shakespeare's Bathtub natural invention.  This means they're pretty cool, but it also means there's a bit of a learning curve.  We've complied this list of steps to help you achieve that great colour you desire!


Blush / Contour

1.  Applying to the cheeks is easy, simply take a tiny amount on a fingertip and pat (not rub!) onto the skin, repeated on the other side.

Tip: if applying to both lips and cheek, finish with cheek.  That way, you can make use of the bit left on your finger from lip application rather than having to wash it off!

2. Dab and pat out until you reach your desired shade.  Patting creates a smooth finish while rubbing can leave a patchy appearance.



1. It is essential to begin with soft and dry lips, ie. not chapped and not moistened.

Tip: chapped lips will cause colour clumping and moist lips will make application "slimy."  To avoid chapped lips, use some of our Hydration Jelly before bed each night.

2. Take a small amount on a fingertip and smooth over the lips, tidying up the edges with a tissue or clean fingertip.  A patting motion creates a smooth colour.

3. Leave lips undisturbed for about ten minutes to allow for the nourishing oils to be absorbed.

Tip: thirsty lips will absorb more oil, meaning that the thirstier your lips are, the more matte your colour will turn out.  Does your colour stay glossy all day?  Congrats, you have well-hydrated lips!

4. As this is not a lip stain, we advise against activities like licking your lips or eating especially messy food.  But don't worry!  You can check out our Shea Stains if you require more unmoveable hues!


And that's it!  You're on your way to natural colour

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