Custom Facial Toner

With over 90 possible combinations, you can make a toner that perfectly matches the needs of your unique skin! This toner is more than just fun to create, its also a big step to healthier, better-looking skin.  See below for information on the different choices:


1. Unscented: just the pure, herbal scent of your chosen ingredients.

2. Signature Scent of our Botanical Toner: the crisp, citrus-sugar scent of our non-customizable, regular Botanical Toner.

3. Signature Titania: a special blend that's Floral and Citrus

4. Signature Puck: a special blend that's Woodsy and Minty

5. Signature Desdemona: a special blend that's Sweet and Floral

6. Signature Cordelia: a special blend that's Fruity and Sweet


1. Cucumber: anti-inflammatory, skin-tightening, green-brown colour and woodsy scent.

2. Chamomile: anti-inflammatory, soothing, yellow-brown colour and sweet scent.

3. Thyme: anti-bacterial, anti-acne, orange-brown colour and woody scent.

4. White Willow: anti-acne, oil-reducing, naturally produces salicylic acid, yellow colour and little scent.


1. Banana: softening, vitamin A and potassium, yellow colour and faint banana scent.

2. Guava: skin-tightening, vitamin A, B and C, yellow colour and faint sweet scent.

3. Strawberry: pore-reducing, vitamin C, pink colour and faint strawberry scent.

4. Papaya: rejuvenating, vitamin C and A, yellow colour and faint papaya scent.

Directions: Design the provided blank label and apply to your bottle. Pour a small amount onto a cotton ball and smooth over the face. Use after cleansing but before moisturizing, twice a day. Store in a cool, dark place.

Ingredients: In addition to your chosen ingredients, all Toners are perfectly pH balanced and include: Water, Vegan Glycerine, Citric Acid, Silver Citrate.

Amount: 120 ml (the same size as our original Botanical Toner)

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