Liquid Lipstick - Petal

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All of our Liquid Lipsticks have a natural, vegan and totally unique formulation: they go on smooth and creamy but soon absorb to leave a swath of bright, mineral pigment behind. They're cute, easy to carry and easy to apply. Petal lifts the facial features with a light, feminine shade in an maybe-its-my-real-lip-colour matte finish.

Natural Flavour: Bubblegum

Colour: Soft pink, matte finish

Directions: Unscrew and use the attached applicator to swipe the creamy formula over the lips -- twice for fullest coverage. Allow 60 seconds to soak in and then go off to enjoy your day with brightly coloured lips!

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Non-nano Mineral Blend, Purified Water, 100% Natural Wax Blend, Coconut Oil, 100% Natural Flavour

Amount: 10 g

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