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Treat yourself like royalty with this deep, mauve Paint Pot. Sharp cheekbones and stand-out lips are naturally attainable with Royalty by your side.

Our paint pots are a unique Shakespeare's Bathtub invention, blending moisturizing coconut with an array of natural minerals and flavours. When applied to cheek or lip, what starts as gloss melts into a beautiful matte shade as the skin absorbs the nourishing oils.

Natural Flavour: Summer Orchard

Directions: See our post to achieve best results.

Ingredients: Food-grade Glycerine, Sustainably Sourced Coconut Oil, 100% Natural Emulsifier, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Iron Oxide, 100% Natural Flavour

Amount: 7 ml

Notes: If lips are too chapped the colour will clump.

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